Snapshots are generally from trips or get-togethers with friends and they're mostly here just to share with those friends to enjoy and relive our experience together. The quality of these pictures range from bad to silly to average to good, because, well, they're snapshots. I like to use captions to either tell a story or just have fun so don't forget to read them.

The snapshot galleries are sorted by date modified so the newest additions and changes will always be at the top. Please feel free to comment on any picture by sending an e-mail to


taken: Jul 16-18, 2010
last modified: Jul 25, 2012 - initial posting

Up Fifth Avenue
to Howard and Kevin's BBQ

taken: Jul 5, 2010
last modified: Jul 11, 2010 - initial posting


taken: Aug 22, 2009
last modified: Jun 27, 2010 - initial posting

Fall Foliage and Bear Mountain

taken: Nov 4, 2007
last modified: Jun 26, 2010 - initial posting

Brooklyn Bridge Park
and Bill's BBQ

taken: May 31, 2010
last modified: Jun 12, 2010 - initial posting

Around Town

taken: Sep 25 - Oct 2, 2007
last modified: Nov 18, 2007 - initial posting

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

taken: Sep 23, 2007
last modified: Nov 18, 2007 - added pictures

Washington Square Park
and First Macros

taken: Sep 21, 2007
last modified: Oct 20, 2007 - initial posting

First Pictures

taken: Sep 20, 2007
last modified: Oct 15, 2007 - initial posting

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